On a much higher level than peoples’ scrambling for unimportant trivia

Abba, instrumental “When the Waves Roll Out To The Sea”; beautiful, makes so much of the complex interactions,  racing around, the pseudo importance of many job roles, pale into insignificance to nature, science, the universe. Great music has the  power to inspire and motivate, to enthral, to heighten appreciation of the good in the world.


Horses feeding on green pastures; and Lipizzan White Horses

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Two serene horses, the white one seems reminiscent of the white horses TV series, with white horses coming from Camargue, France

http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2200208/Marco-Carmassi-Wild-Camargue-horses-gallop-marshes-southern-France.html or from former Yugoslavia, throughout the turbulent geopolitical troubles for the people in the Yugoslav region where the Lipizzaner horses were bread, they  have carried on oblivious to the fighting amongst people; they look even more pleasant free in a natural habitat


The White Horses TV series was made in 1960s in black & white, with voice over translation into English, repeated during 1970s. The theme song is particularly thought provoking of ones place in the universe, in time, yet timeless. It is special in itself, but when combined with the series is a perfect match sung beautifully by Jackie Lee:

Very sad story of the leading actress Helga Anders, illustrates how life can change from childhood and throughout life when things go wrong, how so much promise can be thwarted by events and lifestyle changes.


But it was from a time gone by, a programme that many children loved that encouraged appreciation for nature, animals, caring, a world away from the current world themes of selfish materialist individualism of more fortunate accompanied by ignorance and lack of care for those less well off. So the series is refreshing compared to endless unreality TV and carefully scripted news and entertainment shows, all  geared towards promoting ‘I’m all right jack’ abandonment of the poor.  This song takes one away from all that enables one to consider much more important things, nature, a place in the universe.

The original TV series appears to have been restored, but only one episode is in the English dubbed translation, with the series audio-dubbed in German


However the entire series has been restored:


A great deal of information on the White Horses television Series is provided from following site: