‘Diary of a Benefit Scrounger’, Sue Marsh interview with Artist Taxi Driver

Must see series of video interviews with top disabled activist Sue Marsh. Especially relating to disabled treatment by UK Government and lack of support, but equally for all people discriminated against for many reasons, including ageism, sexism, racism, and also unscrupulous employers seeking the cheapest over quality, discarding the rest, ruining UK organisations and business in the process and leading to a nation of unfairness and the widest inequalities for many generations. Highlighting prejudice, disadvantage, inequality of outcomes and opportunities.

Sue Marsh has hit on a crucial element, something I’ve always realised & my research has confirmed [at 8:30 in second video out three of interview] “ask people why they’re not working…because people won’t give me a job, not because I can’t work…” In UK discrimination by employers recruiting includes disabled, ageism both too young under 30 & too old over 40, ethnic groups, race, colour, highly qualified unable to get any job or forced into jobs so far beneath what they’ve worked hard for in gaining qualifications and experience, not just in status for effort, but in real poverty, inadequate, insecure incomes.


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