UK Unemployment/Underemployment statistics, on closer inspection

On closer inspection employment/unemployment statistics reveal falling incomes, job insecurity and prospects of the lower paid.

In an article by David Blanchflower Professor of Economics “Unemployment will scar us for years”, he explains how real unemployment is not going down, just the carefully massaged figures, based on non-jobs and wholly inadequate insecure means of part-time, zero hour, temp, pseudo self-employment. He uses OECD statistics to show how poor much of UK employment really is. A new book by Tom Clark is mentioned highlighting associated rise in damage to individuals, families and numbers of suicides. Of notable interest to statisticians, the figures on average earning apparently are based only on firms employing 20 or over staff and thus much new employment with much lower incomes are excluded from the UK official government statistics:

Unemployment will scar us for years

Prof Blanchflower highlights the sad situation of a lost generation of youth. There is also a similar lost generation of over 40s whom are made redundant, but have no means saved, often from previous low paid employment and now with the prospect of retirement close to 70 and employers constantly discriminating against anyone perceived as too young, under 30 or too old over 40.


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