Futurology – Walk Me to the Bridge

Great account by Nicky Wire on Walk Me to the Bridge, Manic Street Preachers new single from the new album ‘Futurology’

The song & bridge inspired by the bridge between Sweden & Denmark & films ‘Run Lola Run’, ‘Subway’, ‘Don’t Look Now’, “mystery”, art, with scenes in Berlin, Germany. Also filmed South Wales. Kieran Evans directed the video, as he did the superb ones from the previous album ‘Rewind the Film’

Walk Me to the Bridge

“Money needs money and slums need the poor, curled like an animal lying on the floor…

Confusion or master plan…

Still blinded by your intellect…

‘Walk Me To The Bridge’ Lyric Sheet Manic Street Preachers Official website

Futurology, Manic Street Preachers official site

Article on Kieran Evans Manic Street Preachers videos

“backdrop for a modern British Civil War”

Rewind the Film

Show Me the Wonder

Anthem For a Lost Cause

Depicting the miners’ strike, the consequences of jobs taken away, livelihoods removed, communities destroyed, suicide, loan sharks preying on the vulnerable, but with the miners wives rallying together and the lady fighting for a better society, the struggle and fight just beginning.





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