Will Hall: Keynote speech at Alternatives 2012

As austerity policies spread with accompanying poverty, the toll on mental health means poverty becomes a central component and factor in development of and intensification of mental illnesses.There is often a developmental series of associated consequential life events leading from and interacting with, that can often either intensify or reduce negative outcomes. The opportunity to break any negative reinforcement cycles and to optimize positive feedback loops can radically change quality of life for those experiencing trauma.

Everything Matters: Beyond Meds

Will Hall did the Keynote speech at Alternatives 2012.

It’s another inspiring and deeply moving talk. He got a standing ovation for very good reason.

Things are changing! In the several years I’ve been doing this work I can see the change. We are making a difference. Our life experience and sharing that openly with others is making a difference.

One of the things that Will is talking about here is reframing our experience. This is a topic I often talk about on this blog too. Along with reframing our experience we need to understand the role of trauma in our lives and the lives of those who are labeled with psychiatric illness.

Those are just two things he touches on. There is much much more to this lovely keynote address.

Listen here.

Update: I’d not listened to the end of the talk when I did this…

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