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Will Hall: Keynote speech at Alternatives 2012

As austerity policies spread with accompanying poverty, the toll on mental health means poverty becomes a central component and factor in development of and intensification of mental illnesses.There is often a developmental series of associated consequential life events leading from and interacting with, that can often either intensify or reduce negative outcomes. The opportunity to break any negative reinforcement cycles and to optimize positive feedback loops can radically change quality of life for those experiencing trauma.

Everything Matters: Beyond Meds

Will Hall did the Keynote speech at Alternatives 2012.

It’s another inspiring and deeply moving talk. He got a standing ovation for very good reason.

Things are changing! In the several years I’ve been doing this work I can see the change. We are making a difference. Our life experience and sharing that openly with others is making a difference.

One of the things that Will is talking about here is reframing our experience. This is a topic I often talk about on this blog too. Along with reframing our experience we need to understand the role of trauma in our lives and the lives of those who are labeled with psychiatric illness.

Those are just two things he touches on. There is much much more to this lovely keynote address.

Listen here.

Update: I’d not listened to the end of the talk when I did this…

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Self-Identity, “Centre of the Universe” “This is My Masterpiece”

“This is My Masterpiece” Artist Taxi Driver artistic monologue on Self-Identity:

“Hatred of self comes from a desire to be the flying centre of the universe…inside your mind, inside your soul…reveals itself upon a reflection…What… do I look like?…How am I inside this body?.. When you’re little like a child, you’re informed by those around you. Your own sense of self is borne by your relation to others…we’re not even the people we think we are…to ask ourselves are you Ok, is everything alright?”

‘3 Ways to Despair’ by Manic Street Preachers

“I’m no longer the centre of the Universe,  A bare admission that makes it seem worse”

Futurology – Walk Me to the Bridge

Great account by Nicky Wire on Walk Me to the Bridge, Manic Street Preachers new single from the new album ‘Futurology’

The song & bridge inspired by the bridge between Sweden & Denmark & films ‘Run Lola Run’, ‘Subway’, ‘Don’t Look Now’, “mystery”, art, with scenes in Berlin, Germany. Also filmed South Wales. Kieran Evans directed the video, as he did the superb ones from the previous album ‘Rewind the Film’

Walk Me to the Bridge

“Money needs money and slums need the poor, curled like an animal lying on the floor…

Confusion or master plan…

Still blinded by your intellect…

‘Walk Me To The Bridge’ Lyric Sheet Manic Street Preachers Official website

Futurology, Manic Street Preachers official site

Article on Kieran Evans Manic Street Preachers videos

“backdrop for a modern British Civil War”

Rewind the Film

Show Me the Wonder

Anthem For a Lost Cause

Depicting the miners’ strike, the consequences of jobs taken away, livelihoods removed, communities destroyed, suicide, loan sharks preying on the vulnerable, but with the miners wives rallying together and the lady fighting for a better society, the struggle and fight just beginning.




UK Unemployment/Underemployment statistics, on closer inspection

On closer inspection employment/unemployment statistics reveal falling incomes, job insecurity and prospects of the lower paid.

In an article by David Blanchflower Professor of Economics “Unemployment will scar us for years”, he explains how real unemployment is not going down, just the carefully massaged figures, based on non-jobs and wholly inadequate insecure means of part-time, zero hour, temp, pseudo self-employment. He uses OECD statistics to show how poor much of UK employment really is. A new book by Tom Clark is mentioned highlighting associated rise in damage to individuals, families and numbers of suicides. Of notable interest to statisticians, the figures on average earning apparently are based only on firms employing 20 or over staff and thus much new employment with much lower incomes are excluded from the UK official government statistics:

Unemployment will scar us for years

Prof Blanchflower highlights the sad situation of a lost generation of youth. There is also a similar lost generation of over 40s whom are made redundant, but have no means saved, often from previous low paid employment and now with the prospect of retirement close to 70 and employers constantly discriminating against anyone perceived as too young, under 30 or too old over 40.

‘Diary of a Benefit Scrounger’, Sue Marsh interview with Artist Taxi Driver

Must see series of video interviews with top disabled activist Sue Marsh. Especially relating to disabled treatment by UK Government and lack of support, but equally for all people discriminated against for many reasons, including ageism, sexism, racism, and also unscrupulous employers seeking the cheapest over quality, discarding the rest, ruining UK organisations and business in the process and leading to a nation of unfairness and the widest inequalities for many generations. Highlighting prejudice, disadvantage, inequality of outcomes and opportunities.

Sue Marsh has hit on a crucial element, something I’ve always realised & my research has confirmed [at 8:30 in second video out three of interview] “ask people why they’re not working…because people won’t give me a job, not because I can’t work…” In UK discrimination by employers recruiting includes disabled, ageism both too young under 30 & too old over 40, ethnic groups, race, colour, highly qualified unable to get any job or forced into jobs so far beneath what they’ve worked hard for in gaining qualifications and experience, not just in status for effort, but in real poverty, inadequate, insecure incomes.